Alex is the Founder and Principal of Alecko Capital, and he is the former President and CEO of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, the largest independent movie studio outside Los Angeles that is home to many successful television and film projects.

Growing up as the eldest son of Greek immigrants, Alex learned the value of hard work at an early age. He worked his way through college and, by 2002, had discovered a passion for real estate investment and property development. Through real estate, Alex met Steve DeGraff and Bryan Griffin, who would become long-time friends and business partners.

In 2007, during the Great Recession and the real estate market collapse, Alex collaborated with his uncle, Nick Mirkopoulos, to open a film studio in Chicago in 2010. They purchased 60 acres of the former Ryerson Steel complex in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood and undertook a tireless, multi-year endeavor to convert the real estate assets into state-of-the-art film studios. Cinespace revitalized a depressed neighborhood, created over 15,000 jobs, and brought billions of dollars for the city and state.

During his tenure at Cinespace Chicago Studios, Alex established two non-profit entities to develop innovative programs that empower Chicago residents through film and TV education and job training. These programs have transformed lives and became the model program to emulate in the film industry.

With the sale of Cinespace Chicago, in 2021, Alex launched Alecko Capital, and brought together a team to lead the venture, including Steve and Bryan. Alex also continued his philanthropic projects and, in 2023, founded the Alexander S. Pissios Family Foundation.