With over 25 years of expertise in real estate, construction, and business management, Dean excels in crafting effective and adaptable solutions for various circumstances. He began his career in 2004 as a real estate broker and investor and, in 2011, joined Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, a family venture. As the Head of Global Design and Construction, Dean spearheaded the expansion and development of 50 stages, transforming industrial space into the largest independent movie studios in North America.

Dean played a pivotal role in fostering strong community ties around the studio, leading to the acquisition of additional real estate, which was a significant boost in the value of the North Lawndale community. Following the sale of Cinespace Chicago in 2021, Dean further spearheaded the expansion of Cinespace with the acquisition of new studios and repurposing two existing studios in North America.

In August 2023, Dean joined Alecko, contributing his wealth of experience to the investment team. His multifaceted background in real estate, construction, and business management positions Dean as an asset in steering Alecko's investment operations.

Dean’s philanthropic commitments were started when he first started working and he continues to support those who are in need. Dean dedicates his time and resources to support numerous charitable organizations.