Our role: Meeting opportunity with innovation and collaboration.

Modern Conrete Archicture and Naural Elemnents

Alecko provides a range of solutions to serve real estate investors and developers as well as entrepreneurs with complex and time-sensitiveĀ opportunities.


Investment experience

Our investments are managed by experienced real estate investors, managers, and financial professionals to provide a real-world perspective on every aspect of investing.

Market focus

We make investments in start-ups, emerging markets, entrepreneurial businesses, and note purchases that require a dynamic, flexible credit analysis. Our process considers the character, vision, and commitment of the people behind the investment.

The Alecko advantage

Alecko is self-funded, with over 100+ years of collective experience in real estate, finance, law, and accounting. The team is agile, responsive, and works collaboratively to make decisions in a timely fashion and facilitate the projects.


Lending experience

Our Lending Services are managed by two commercial banking veterans with 50 years of combined lending experience and with a track record of a $2 Billion+ in fundings.

Market focus

Investment and Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate. We provide solutions to investors and developers, and welcome the opportunity to work with real estate brokers, commercial bankers, mortgage bankers, special asset desks, and attorneys.

The Alecko advantage

Alecko Lending is a private commercial real estate lending platform that is nimble and responsive as well as being unrestricted by conventional regulated institutional guidelines and bureaucratic processes. We can provide access to a greater range of competitively priced alternative CRE loan products under a leverage model that is comparable to the cost of traditional bank finance and equity capital stacks.

Lending solutions

Select Lending Projects

  • $12.5M Refinance

    Modern architecture
    • 23.2 acres of entitled unimproved land
    • 12-day, year-end closing
    • Edwards, Colorado
  • $3.65M Purchase

    Modern architecture
    • 12,375-square-foot commercial building
    • 30-day closing
    • Chicago, Illinois
  • $17.25M Construction Loan

    Modern architecture
    • 162-unit conversion of motel to rental multifamily
    • 30-day closing
    • Kissimmee, Florida

Property Portfolio

Aljack Investments, Inc., founded in 1996, is a professional real estate investment firm that self-manages a portfolio of properties with a primary focus on multi-family asset class in Chicago. We are always looking to expand our portfolio and are open to different asset classes or geographical areas.

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Property Portfolio experience

Starting with one building in the Bucktown neighborhood in 1996, the company has expanded to own and operate over 500 apartments and a multitude of commercial spaces.

Market focus

Aljack provides modern residential units in some of the most desirable areas in Chicago, and we are widely recognized for our professional property management and maintenance services.

The Alecko advantage

Aljack strives to deliver exceptional service with a personal touch. We are a company that is both large enough to serve its clients effectively and small enough to provide personalized service.

Modern 3-Flat Apartment Building
Modern 3-Flat Apartment Building
Modern 3-Flat Apartment Building

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